12th Annual Taste of Health Festival

On October 23, Vancouver’s vegan and vegan-conscious community will come together for the twelfth time for the Taste of Health Festival. I’ve attended this festival a couple of times and have always found it delightful, inspiring, and full of free samples of locally produced vegan products. Often there are vendor specials, too – one year I walked away with two wheels of Sheese for $10. What a deal.

The event is happening at the Masonic Hall on West 8th near Granville St.

Mark your attendance and get details at the Facebook event or visit its page on EarthSave. The event is free for EarthSave members, or $5 for non-member attendees; there will be speakers, demonstrations, food vending, and (the best part) vegans everywhere! (I bet you didn’t realize there were so many of us!)

There’s also a gala (tickets $25 before September 23) featuring keynote speaker John Robbins and hors d’oeuvres served by Organic Lives. This is where you will find all the swishy well-to-do vegans in town, so if you are hoping to marry rich and environmental-conscious, the $25 ticket is a good investment. (I am only saying this because I attended the gala a few years ago and everyone was dressed really nicely.)

Anyway, you should go to Taste of Health, because we will be there, and you should bring your non-vegan parent, lover, child, or friend, to help inspire them down the path of granola-with-nondairy-milk-alternative.

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