15% of Chefs Admit to Sabotaging Vegan Food with Animal Products

As a vegan I’ve kind of accepted that if I order food from a non-vegan restaurant, there’s a good chance it’ll have come into contact with an animal product at some point. I have realized this and have moved on; the way I see it, when the whole world is vegan someday, this won’t be a worry. It’s more about sending a message than absolute purity.

But when I read that Food Network magazine surveyed chefs and found that 15% of them consciously sabotage vegan orders, I felt a little sick to my stomach. Seriously? To me, that sort of behaviour is about equal with feeding an orthodox Jew bacon or a Hindu beef – too bad veganism doesn’t have protection under the decree of freedom of religion.

(Thanks to VeganMania for the heads up.)

11 thoughts on “15% of Chefs Admit to Sabotaging Vegan Food with Animal Products

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  2. Switters

    I don’t think “sabotage” is actually what happens, I think chefs just don’t take the time to actually make things vegan or veggie. They’ll say it is but really they just made it the same (with animals products).
    Sad, yes. Unprofessional, definitely.
    Malignant? I don’t think so, it stings when people don’t care as much as you do about the things that you care about, but it doesn’t make them bad people.

  3. malloreigh Post author

    Switters, if you read the article that I linked, it contains an account from one chef respondent to the survey that states he saw another chef actually pour lamb’s blood into a vegan meal. It’s a lack of respect for a dietary choice – and while it may not always be outright sabotage, it’s still an active choice to disrespect a dietary choice by serving something that wasn’t ordered. I consider it in the same ballpark as sabotage.

  4. Switters

    That story about the lamb’s blood is total nonsense, don’t get drawn in to everything you read on the Food network.

  5. malloreigh Post author

    Hmm, then, how should I decide what to believe and what not to? If someone’s making up total nonsense and attributing it to research and publishing it on a major website, that’s a big concern, and I should probably avoid trusting most sources… don’t you think?

  6. Switters

    Ha! Your sarcasm is hilarious. I was having a bad day, sorry to flame up a little. But what I really should have said is I think that the whole lamb’s blood thing is just sensationalized version of something that may or may not have really happened. In my experience I have never seen someone fuck with someone else’s food or heard a creditable story where someone did. I think the whole issue is often over-exaggerated (in this case by Food network, whom I kind of hate).
    Not that it never happens, and when it does it’s pretty terrible and those cooks should be shot. Or at least fired. :p

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