Monthly Archives: April 2010

mango, orange, candied walnut salad on organic baby greens with a citrus-red wine vinnaigrette

This salad is pretty simple, but it was incredibly tasty. I whipped this up as a side dish to Kaylie’s portabello mushroom open-faced sandwich and panfries, and made the dressing from scratch. The salad is organic baby greens with sliced mango and orange, and we tossed some candied walnuts on top. We also added some red onion to counter the sweetness.

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yam gnocchi with a lemon-dill reduction, zucchini fettucine, spinach, and roasted red pepper wrapped asparagus

Kaylie’s brainchild and hard work – we made this for Lindsay (and Robert as well, but unfortunately he was indisposed with a bad case of food poisoning and had to suffer only hearing about it later). The gnocchi, which neither of us had ever made by hand anymore, was surprisingly easy! We also made some with russet potatoes, but it fell apart… gonna have to try that one again. Anyway, here’s the recipe.

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