A little gallery of brunch (August)

pain perdu with cherry vanilla lavender jam and homemade vegan cream cheese, toasted pecans, peaches and blueberries

Pain Perdu stuffed with Cherry Lavender Jam and homemade vegan cream cheese, topped with toasted pecans, blueberries and garnishes with peaches

mole breakfast - roasted veg, avocado, smashed potatoes, zucchini, pepitas, blueberries in a toasted corn tortilla, greens, caramelized onion, mole sauce, hot sauce

The Molé breakfast included perfectly roasted zucchini, red pepper, and caramelized onion with avocado, a cinnamon sugar dusted corn tortilla cup filled with blueberries, and smashed red potatoes on top of slowly simmered homemade molé sauce.  Garnished with habañero hot sauce.


handmade vegan bagel with seitan andouille sausage, tomato, greens, fig jam, and mustard, served with a fig and smashed potatoes

Homemade shallot and sesame bagel with spicy seitan andouille sausage, fresh tomato, spinach, fig jam and grain mustard.

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