A Vegan Pantry: Herbs and Spices

I was just re-organizing my kitchen shelves and thought I’d post a list of all of the herbs and spices I have stocked in my pantry as of today, July 2, 2011:

pantry shelves

- cumin powder
– cumin seeds
– fenugreek leaves
– saffron powder
– saffron threads
– ground cinnamon
– rosemary powder
– cardamom pods
– ground cardamom
– rubbed oregano
– garlic powder
– onion powder
– ground nutmeg
– ground coriander seed
– cayenne powder
– paprika powder
– chipotle pepper
– dried marjoram
– ground ginger
– ground turmeric
– dried dill
– dried parsley
– dried tarragon
– dried sage
– pickling mix
– bay leaves
– kaffir lime leaves
– fennel seeds
– curry powder
– dry mustard
– whole dry cloves
– celery seed
– chili powder
– black salt
– nutritional yeast
– mango powder
– lavender flowers
– black pepper
– himalayan salt
– fleur de sel
– kosher rock salt
– table salt

Things I need to buy soon but don’t currently have:
– dried rosemary
– dried thyme

2 thoughts on “A Vegan Pantry: Herbs and Spices”

  1. I love your pantry did you build it and how if you don’t mind me asking? Thank-you for the list of items in your pantry.

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