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A Vegan Traveler’s Guide to Victoria, BC

cardboard cutouts
It’s kind of pretty there.

Victoria! It’s only a quick ferry ride over an island-dotted strait from Vancouver, and yet it feels like an oasis far away from home… I love Victoria and even used to live there, which I’d do again if only there were jobs… and people who lived there all year. Anyway, Victoria’s a pretty vegan-friendly city, even if it’s tiny. The people who choose to live in Victoria do so for a reason – often because they love the slow pace and liberal politics of the province’s capitol.

It’s also a beautiful town, and you can ferry directly from downtown Vic to downtown Seattle, or to Port Angeles. It’s a bit more of a pain to get to Victoria from Vancouver, but it’s doable on either a bicycle or on public transit. Look it up online or ask me. I love helping. It makes me feel smart. Continue reading

Vegan Pizza in Vancouver, BC

vegan pizza from the joint
A “personal”-size vegan pizza from The Joint in Victoria, BC

This here is the definitive list of restaurants that offer vegan-friendly pizza in Vancouver, BC. If you know of any more please let us know in the comments.

Local, Independent Restaurants Serving Vegan Pizza in Vancouver

Vegan Pizza House – Kingsway and Victoria – Eat-in, Take-out, Delivery
VPH offers many of those meaty favourites you remember, but made vegan. We tried their “all dress”, which is a ham, pineapple, and mushroom pizza, as well as the “vegetarian special” – your typical olive and veg pizza. The crust was thick and doughy like I remember pizza being like when I was a kid, and they used a lot of Daiya – but it was great. They charge you extra when you order delivery, so if you’re on a budget, visit their location. We ordered 2 large pizzas and it came to almost $40 before tip.

The Perch – Powell and Commercial – Eat-in or Take-out
The Perch offers a variety of gluten-free pizzas with Daiya. They use the same crust as The Wallflower but with more topping options. You can order a small pizza, which is enough for one hungry or two semi-hungry people, for $9, or a gigantic pizza for $21. They also have tofu ricotta if you want a really bulky cheesy pizza.

The Naam – West 4th and MacDonald – Eat-in; Take-out during non-rush times
The Naam makes “pita pizzas” with Daiya. They have a good variety of toppings and they really pile on the cheese. I’ve had some issues with dairy contamination here; they tend to bake them side by side with dairy pizzas so you might get dairy crust on your pizza.

Rebellious Tomato – North Van or Cambie & 16th – Pick-up, Delivery
Rebellious Tomato offers vegan cheese. They also offer a spelt (not gluten-free) crust. Their pizzas are very thin with only a bit of cheese, but delicious.

The Wallflower Modern Diner – Main & 8th – Eat-in or Take-out
The Wallflower has a pizza night every Tuesday where a 3-topping pizza of your choice with Daiya costs $12. The pizza is served on a gluten-free crust.

Not-so-Local Chain Restaurants Serving Vegan Pizza in Vancouver

Hell Pizza – North Vancouver – Eat-in, Take-out, Delivery
Hell is a New Zealand restaurant chain that made its way to Vancouver. They make a vegan pizza with refried beans that’s like a burrito on a pizza and is totally delicious. They’ve also recently added Daiya to their menu!

Raw Pizza

Gorilla Food – Richards St between Pender and Hastings, downtown – Eat-in or take-out
Three varieties of pizza are offered here. This is a lunch-only restaurant, but a great, healthy, vitality-encouraging place to eat lunch if you’re downtown.

Organic Lives – Quebec St and East 2nd Avenue – Eat-in or take-out
The pizza at this raw vegan restaurant is served with caesar salad. Delicious. Not cheap.

Chains for Cheeseless, “Vegan” Pizza in a Pinch

Uncle Fatih’s – Commercial and Broadway, Broadway and MacDonald, or Denman – Pick-up, Delivery
Uncle F’s is super cheap and they put a lot of toppings on their pizzas. They don’t offer vegan cheese but the potato pizza is delicious without cheese, and they’re open late. They’re a Vancouver pizza company with three locations.

Pizza Hut – Multiple locations – Pick-up, Delivery
My little brother worked for Pizza Hut and apparently they train all their employees in vegan sensitivity. If a cheeseless pizza is ordered they will clean their equipment so it doesn’t even touch cheese. Most of their crusts aren’t vegan but I think one of them is. I’ve never gotten very many toppings, though, so it kind of sucks.

Note: Panago Pizza used to offer vegan pepperoni, but Merissa informed me that the pepperoni they use now contains eggs.

Across the Pond

The Joint Pizzeria – Wharf St and Yates St, Victoria, BC – Eat-in, Take-out, and Delivery
In Victoria, you can get vegan pizza at The Joint on Wharf St, right beside where I get my (vegan!) tattoos (Tattoo Zoo). They have a variety of crusts and cheeses – I think they make their vegan cheese themselves. They also make calzones and have many different vegan meats.

Pizza Pi – Douglas St and Johnson St, Victoria, BC
I haven’t been to this place – I’ve just heard about it! Your reviews are welcome!