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Follow Friday: Vegan Food Blog Lovin’ for Kathy @ Lunch Box Bunch

There are not many food blogs that give me food envy. After all, I live with an incredible vegan cook, and we eat well – but Healthy Happy Life / Kblog.LunchBoxBunch.Com is one food blog that regularly gives me not only food envy, but time envy, and photo envy. If you ditch VM to follow any other blog, make it that one! It’s so worth it! But hopefully you have enough attention points to follow us both.

I am actually not sure how Kathy cooks, blogs, and photographs so much and so well.

Traditionally Vegetarian India Seeing a Surge in Vegan Converts

India – long a haven for vegetarians but not so much for vegans, as the Hindu diet, though traditionally meat-free, is heavy in dairy products – is seeing a surge in veganism. (Exciting news for this intrepid pair of vegan travelers!) This article talks about the new trend in India, where vegans have to bring their own soy milk to coffee shops and (as is written) must instruct their servers as to how to prepare a dish without dairy.

15% of Chefs Admit to Sabotaging Vegan Food with Animal Products

As a vegan I’ve kind of accepted that if I order food from a non-vegan restaurant, there’s a good chance it’ll have come into contact with an animal product at some point. I have realized this and have moved on; the way I see it, when the whole world is vegan someday, this won’t be a worry. It’s more about sending a message than absolute purity.

But when I read that Food Network magazine surveyed chefs and found that 15% of them consciously sabotage vegan orders, I felt a little sick to my stomach. Seriously? To me, that sort of behaviour is about equal with feeding an orthodox Jew bacon or a Hindu beef – too bad veganism doesn’t have protection under the decree of freedom of religion.

(Thanks to VeganMania for the heads up.)

Homegrown Smoker: Family Owned Vegan Food Truck

Food Network is holding a food truck contest and there’s a vegan food truck in the running! Homegrown Smoker is a family-owned-and-run vegan BBQ truck (and they followed us on Twitter so they are obviously “down with the people”). They are obviously in Portland, the most vegan place in all the land. Vote for them ten times daily and help veganism rock really, really hard.

(And check out some photos vegan superstar Isa Chandra Moskowitz took of it.)

New Mexicans Relocate to Bay Area, Bring Food With Them

Kaylie’s overjoyed that New Mexican green chile will be available in San Francisco – probably because anyone worth their salt who grew up in New Mexico moves to SF. I can think of an overflowing handful of New Mexicans I know there myself – including Kaylie’s little brother. If you haven’t boarded the green chile train yet, I recommend it. As a non-New Mexican, I have certainly grown to love it, and I know you will too. Plus, then you’ll have it in your kitchen for our recipes.

Hatch green chile
Carlos del Vaca photo