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Lab Dog Finds New Home

Sweetpea Baking Company in Portland posted this story about a former lab-testing dog and his new home. The dog’s adoptive parent got a tattoo with the same number that Liam was identified by during his four years as a lab testing dog, during which he received no love or affection that didn’t come with a painful price. This is a really heartwarming story.

Because Liam, despite all he has gone through, is one of the lucky few. The end of his ordeal was the beginning of something better. Millions of other animals in laboratories around the world and billions of other animal in exploitative industries don’t get a new beginning. Only an end. Liam reminds me of that every day. Because he got a chance the vast majority of them will never get. Its of them I think when I want to give up fighting. How Liam is getting the chance they all deserve.

True Blood Inspiring Veganism

Kaylie and I totally love True Blood… it’s the only TV series either of us have watched in a long time that we’re actually caught up on. And, funny enough, plenty of our friends have never heard of it, and even asked us if it’s a “queer vegan thing” – ha. Maybe it is! Andrea Chalupa at the Huffington Post writes that True Blood is making her want to go vegan – that’s just awesome.