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The Intrepid Herbivores – A Traveling Veg Cooking Show

A few months back, two Portland Vegans came in The Perch and enjoyed a simple tofu scram. I am always looking for vegan friends and I love Portland (naturally) so we had a lot to talk about. Now my  new found vegan friends are planning on going to Thailand, learning about vegan dishes from the region and filming their new found knowledge for all of us. Their adventure is inspiring for anyone interested in being a vegan while traveling and learning more about veganism in different parts of the world. Please read their website and support their efforts to celebrate the diversity of vegan food globally!

Kickstarter funding page

The Intrepid Herbivores

Traditionally Vegetarian India Seeing a Surge in Vegan Converts

India – long a haven for vegetarians but not so much for vegans, as the Hindu diet, though traditionally meat-free, is heavy in dairy products – is seeing a surge in veganism. (Exciting news for this intrepid pair of vegan travelers!) This article talks about the new trend in India, where vegans have to bring their own soy milk to coffee shops and (as is written) must instruct their servers as to how to prepare a dish without dairy.