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Google Assumes Vegan and Vegetarian are Synonymous

Today, while searching on Google for vegan-friendly businesses, I noticed that results containing “vegetarian” were returning as if the two terms are synonymous. As any vegan knows, they’re not – it’s easy enough to find vegetarian food, but vegan is an entirely different ballpark. I use Google because the relevance of the search results is reliable; however, when I need to find a vegan-friendly bed and breakfast, finding one that’s vegetarian-friendly isn’t as helpful as they might think.

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Note how, in the results, the term “vegetarian” is bolded as if it was one of my search terms.
And really, Googs, why hasn’t my list of vegan nachos hit that front page? You’d think… hmm, guess I should revisit what I know about SEO.

(To find an actual list of vegan nachos in Vancouver, refer to our vegan nachos list.)