Cilantro Lime Scented Homefries

cilantro lime hashbrowns

We’ve gotten a lot of requests to post recipes that are quick, simple and beautiful. Want to impress your next dinner date, or I guess in this case breakfast date? Here is a perfectly colorful side dish to make in just a few minutes.

2 Purple Potatoes (Diced into big cubes)

1 Yam (diced into big cubes)

1/4 bunch of Cilantro

1/4 small yellow onion (finely chopped)

1/2 Lime



Par-Boil the Potatoes and Yam for about 5 minutes at a roiling boil. Strain. Put in a skillet with olive oil and yellow onion. Let brown and then squeeze the juice from the lime into the skillet and add half of your cilantro . Let potatoes brown and get crispy on the outside then add salt, pepper and the rest of the cilantro as a final touch.

Simple right? Go impress your mom.

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