Ingredients and Tools

Sometimes we may include ingredients in our recipes that you’re unfamiliar with or unsure where to get. Some of these ingredients are fairly standard for vegans, but fairly unusual in the omnivorous world – and their grocery stores. Some of these are particular to us, often because of the specific areas we’ve spent time in. If you have any requests for ingredients you’d like us to give you some more information about, don’t hesitate to ask.

Ingredients we Use

Earth Balance: This is our margarine of choice. It’s very buttery tasting, non-hydrogenated, and shares texture qualities in common with butter. In Australia/New Zealand, you’ll probably use Nuttelex. Other vegan margarines that are maybe more commonly available are Fleischmann’s Kosher Lactose-Free or Becel Vegan.

Coconut Milk: A full-fat cooking liquid commonly used in Thai and Indian cooking. We use coconut milk as a milk and cream replacer. It shares a lot of qualities with cow’s milk because it is fatty and thick, so we find that it is nearly perfect for making cream sauces. We always buy the full-fat coconut milk, never light coconut milk. You can purchase it in cans, bottles, tetra-paks, and boxes. At room temperature it separates into cream and liquid. At warmer temperatures it will be more liquid and at cooler temperatures, more solid. Coconut cream is nearly solid at room temperature but will melt when heat is applied.

Fenugreek: Malloreigh’s favourite spice. This delicious and healthy spice is often found in Middle-Eastern cooking and is available as seeds, ground powder, or leaves. We use the leaves. We buy the peacock brand (yellow box) – it’s really cheap – we get it from Superstore. We’ve also found it at better bulk grocery stores that have a wide variety of herbs and spices for tea or otherwise. It’s also sold as “kasoori methi”. Try your local Middle Eastern grocer. If you can’t find it, contact Malloreigh because I have about ten boxes of it. I can mail you some.

Green Chile: Kaylie uses this, usually canned, in a lot of her cooking. It’s a New Mexican staple food. You can find it at many grocery stores in small cans; it’s less spicy than jalapeno but adds a nice flavour. If you can’t find this, you could try adding dried chili flakes or some other “hotness” ingredient.

Nutritional Yeast: This is a vegan staple. You will find it in pretty much every vegan cookbook; we have it in a large-sized shaker beside the stove so we can add it to everything we make. You can usually find this at organic grocery stores. It’s rich in B12 and it’s got a cheesy flavour. It’s perfect added to gravies and sauces or on top of any casserole; also, if you want to win over a date who’s come over for a movie, toss it in your popcorn with margarine and salt and wait for the kisses to come.

Other Tools

There are some tools in our kitchen that we consider absolutely indispensable.

Food Processor: Even more important to have than a blender. This is a necessary tool for many vegan recipes as well as almost every raw recipe we’ve seen. It makes sauces and dips so much easier. I’ve had some very sad food processor-less times in my life.

Garlic Press: We have two. A good, high-pressure, low-waste garlic press makes a huge difference. You get much more garlic flavour than if you mince your garlic.

Zester/Grater: We use a handheld zester (like a small grater) for zesting citrus as well as for grating ginger.