Let’s Talk About Tofu Scramble

Tofu scramble: the most beautiful of vegan breakfasts. Getting it at a restaurant is usually disappointing; I’ve never once had a scram at a restaurant that was as good as the one I make at home. My recipe is here: Malloreigh’s Semi-Famous Tofu Scramble. Like all of my tried-and-true recipes, this one is approximate. I alter all of the ingredients every time I make it, depending on how thick my coconut milk is, what type of mustard I’m using, and what vegetables I have. The consistencies are important, too, though – always get that tofu sauced up before you start chopping your onion for maximum flavour. Never put too much liquid in it or it’ll be tough to brown it before you add your veg. Be prepared to adjust, because the taste of tofu is crappy, and the taste of flavour is AWESOME.

So that’s the most recent scram I made, on Saturday morning. It was the same formula as usual – coconut milk, nutritional yeast, mustard, and fenugreek leaves for the tofu, plus vegetables. I used a nice seedy dijon mustard which added a good texture and flavour… I will do this again! Also, I added a whole bunch of kale, torn into pieces. Remember always to discard the stalks as they are woody and fibrous… but get every bit of that leaf in there, yum. I added the kale and zucchini when the tofu was pretty much done (letting it sit on top of the tofu), tossed a bit of the liquid from my coconut milk in, and put a top on to let it steam til it was bright green. Then I stirred it all together and cooked it for a bit longer to get all the flavours infused.

This was possibly one of the best scrambles I’ve ever made.

I hope that when folks make my scramble recipe, they are taste-testing and adjusting as they go. It can and should be improved upon! I started making this scramble six or seven years ago and I’m still improving it. YUM