Oh Canada, Our Home and Vegan Land

This Saturday we’re making a Canadian-themed brunch. We’re working diligently on it – we’ve already made homemade pickles for the sandwich – and I thought I’d post the menu we came up with.


This option is gluten-free.
A thick, savoury gravy ladled on top of our custom combination of vegan cheeses and roasted potato wedges, with green onions, mixed wild mushrooms, and a touch of black truffle oil. Served with sides of coleslaw and mixed greens.


Cheese and bacon flavoured organic potato enveloped by thinly rolled fresh dough, pinched, boiled, and lightly fried, then topped with more housemade bacon bits, fried onions, and a dill cream sauce. Served with a side salad.


This option can be prepared soy-free upon request.
A slow-cooked seitan roast, simmered for 24 hours, thinly sliced and layered with sauerkraut and onions between crusty rye bread spread with cherry mustard and mayo. Served with a housemade dill pickle and coleslaw.


Available to eat in or for take-away for $3 each.

2 thoughts on “Oh Canada, Our Home and Vegan Land

  1. :: smo ::

    this is great!!!

    not too long ago i was asking my [canadian vegan transplanted to brooklyn] friend bettina may http://bettina.ca/ about some canadian specific dishes but we couldn’t get much past poutine. this is a great list of dishes and a fun dinner idea! awesome, thanks!!!


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