oh hey sweetbird, i didn’t see you there

So, a couple of weeks ago we were contacted by a company called Sweetbird Syrups, who make certified-vegan and -vegetarian sweet flavoured syrups and smoothies. They sent us a couple of samples (because we are SO AWESOME, obviously) and we had a chance to try them out on our brunch crowd over the weekend.

We were super impressed! These syrups are fully sweet and more flavourful, I think, than the kind you get at regular coffee shops, but they’re TOTALLY vegan. None of that bone-char-refined sugar or other crap. We have the full fat ones, but they also have sugar free ones, so if you’re worried about your calorie count and are trying to replace (totally NOT vegan) Splenda in your diet, Sweetbird can probably help you out.

oh hey sweetbird

I used their vanilla syrup in my coffee this morning and I was pretty pleased at the taste. They also have fruit syrups, so I bet you could make some totally vegan, totally delicious Italian sodas – that used to be my favourite as a teen before I had a taste for caffeine. Just mix with soda water and voila, a delicious drink.

The smoothies are actually concentrates that are meant to be mixed with ice and water or soy milk. We mixed them with vodka because we are lushes like that and they performed really well. Plus, they are real fruit, which is better than most of the gross crap people mix with vodka.

enlightened tart
The Enlightened Tart (better name choices encouraged)

Enlightened Tart

In a tumbler, combine:
1 shot vodka
1/2 shot Sweetbird mango & passionfruit smoothie
and top up with water

4 thoughts on “oh hey sweetbird, i didn’t see you there

  1. Heidi

    I’d love to order a bottle or two, but as far as I can tell from their website, it looks like they only do wholesale. Do you know if they have a retailer in Vancouver?

  2. Eliza

    Hi Heidi,
    Urban Fare retails 12 of the syrup flavors at each of their downtown locations. If you’re looking for a cafe in your area carrying Sweetbird syrups and smoothies, feel free to email me!

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