Restaurant Review: The Whip, Vancouver Main & 6th

The Whip Restaurant & Gallery
Photo By Rick Green

We live approximately one block from The Whip, and finally after living that distance from it for a couple of months we finally decided to visit.  We were greeted with smiles, sat down, and both ordered drinks.  We were going to eat, but didn’t feel like eating a veggie burger (but I’ve heard their black bean patty is to die for). So we ordered the spring rolls as an appetizer and said we would return for the tofu scram one day.

The Whip still held itself up to my high standards, until our appetizer came out. I took a bite, looked at Malloreigh, looked again at the ridiculous price, $8, and practically had a meltdown. The spring rolls had obviously come from somewhere like Costco because they were made with crappy frozen veggies and hadn’t been cooked throughly enough because they were still cold in the middle. It was obvious that they had come out of a freezer package and had been quickly thrown in a deep fryer by an inattentive cook.

Our server asked us how they were and my response was “alright”, which I feel is completely acceptable without causing a fuss. He rolled his eyes at me and went back to his little kitchen shaking his cute little hips in his cute little hipster shorts.  Now, I know that I’m picky, but if you are going to charge $8 for four store-bought frozen spring rolls please make sure they are cooked throughly, especially when it’s slow in the restaurant. No excuse.

After our first experience, Malloreigh had to practically twist my arm to get me to try the tofu scramble – but she insisted so we could review it for our Vancouver tofu scramble list.  All I can say is bland, no veggies and bland. Just because I like tofu scram doesn’t mean that I want to pay to eat a brick of plain tofu.

I won’t be back to The Whip because it doesn’t have enough vegan options, has pretentious servers, and isn’t worth my time unless for a drink.

against the wall
(At least it’s in a beautiful building.)

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