Solly’s Bagelry: Vegan Restaurant Review in Vancouver, BC

solly's bagelry
Vegetable sandwich with homous at Solly’s Bagelry

Solly’s is an honest-to-goodness Jewish bagelry. There are three locations, all of which I’ve been to – check their website for details. The homey atmosphere and great service aren’t the only reason to visit. I suspect that it is because Solly’s is a true Jewish bakery that their bagels are made without egg or egg wash – unlike some other locally made bagels. Yep, that means that almost all of their bagels are vegan. I believe they have a cheese bagel, but you could have figured that one out without anyone’s help, I imagine.

I crave Solly’s decently priced and incredibly filling veggie bagelwich fairly regularly. It’s an open-faced sandwich piled high with vegetables and served with a choice of spreads – the vegan choice is homous – that’s slathered on so thickly it oozes out the bagel’s centre. A handful of chips seals the deal. You can dip them in the dropped homous. This sandwich has actually never disappointed me, and I’ve had it at all three locations multiple times. You can choose from a variety of bagels, or I believe they also serve it on bread.

That’s not the only option for vegans at Solly’s – they always have a vegan soup on, in addition to their daily chicken matzoh. I’ve heard that their knishes are vegan, as well, though I have no idea what a knish is and have obviously not tried one. They also have veggie dogs, I think.

The thing that sells me most about Solly’s is that they have taken steps to cater to vegans. It clearly says “vegan” on their menu and all the staff have always been knowledgeable about vegan options. You can’t beat friendly service that’s open to dietary restrictions.

3 thoughts on “Solly’s Bagelry: Vegan Restaurant Review in Vancouver, BC

  1. Anne

    A knish is a stuffed pastry similar to a samosa or empanada. Most recipes use egg, so I would confirm whether they do there.

  2. Heidi

    I crave this sandwich all the time, but the only reason I don’t get it more often is that I think it’s overpriced. I seem to recall paying like $9 for it. But according to their website, it’s $6.25, so I’m happy to be wrong. I applaud you for giving this sandwich the attention it deserves.

    However, I really dislike the pickle that comes with it. Maybe I’m not used to “real” pickles or something, but there’s a musty (?) taste/smell to it that both my boyfriend & I don’t like.

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