Store Review: Got Nice Shoes

In March, 2011, a new addition to the tiny-but-growing community of Vancouver vegan retailers opened: Nice Shoes, located at Fraser and 19th in East Van. It’s an all-vegan shoe store owned and operated by a lovely lady named Joanne.

Now, I am not as much of a shoe junkie as many of my friends are, but I just could not resist buying shoes from this place. Both times I’ve purchased shoes from Nice Shoes, my buying decision felt really easy – probably because there wasn’t any guilt associated with it. I knew that by purchasing a product from this store, it’d be undoubtedly 100% vegan, and at the same time I’d be helping out a local business owned by a member of my own community. It felt much better than buying shoes from the mall stores, which, even if they’re not made of leather, probably use non-vegan glues and whatnot. And I liked it a lot more than buying shoes from American vegetarian shoe retailers, for both monetary and nationalistic reasons.

My first pair of shoes from Nice were these adorable Steve Madden lace-up Oxfords in tan with striped ribbon laces. They also came with some tamer tan laces, but I obviously love the striped ones.


Then, just the other day, I bit the bullet and bought a pair of high-heeled lady shoes, because I am getting a bit too old to wear paint-spattered canvas flats with fancy dressed. I apologize for the photo, it’s kind of ridiculous, but I couldn’t help but play sexy pin-up in these killer Chinese Laundry shoes.


Anyway, obviously I love Nice Shoes, and I just wanted to make sure that as many Canadian (and Vancouver) vegetarians knew about this place as possible. Support your local vegan community and buy hot shoes while you’re at it!

(Got) Nice Shoes – Vancouver vegan shoe retailer

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