November 5th, 2010 Tofu Benedict – Vegan Breakfast Stack Cooking Video – Indian Style Curry Benny posted by malloreigh in Breakfast/Brunch & Cooking Shows & Recipes

Last weekend, I didn’t have my camera – I’d left it at a friend’s house – so when Kaylie and I started putting together this incredible breakfast, we decided to record it on video. After many painstaking hours subtitling it for the deaf and hard of hearing, during which iMovie crashed as if on a 15-minute schedule, the video is done! Voila, here’s Kaylie and I being dorky!

In this video, I used a variation on the tofu egg patty I keep talking about but which I feel nobody has actually tried to make. (That’s okay, it means you’ll come to my restaurant someday, right?)

Let us know if you want some more clarification on how we did anything in this video – I personally think K should share the recipe for those potato rice cakes.

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  1. allbreakfast on November 8, 2010:

    tofu-benny tastiness!

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