Vancouver Vegan Restaurant Review: Robson Street: HON’s House of Noodles (and White Tower)

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The Robson Street HON’s has a vegetarian kitchen. Hurrah, right? Well, maybe. The place is a giant cafeteria with weird noises and fluorescent lights. The service isn’t bad, but unfortunately, the food is.

I’ve been there a total of four times and each time I visit the food is overpriced, bland, and filled with rehydrated mushrooms instead of anything worth eating. The vegetables are obviously frozen-and-boiled or canned, with very little texture or flavour. The faux meat is scarce. I can’t believe I paid $11 for rice noodles, dried mushrooms, and 3 pieces of hydrated bean curd. The spring rolls are okay, but it’s hard to go wrong with deep fried wheat product. Their dim sum is passable – if you get there during lunch hours.

Honestly, if you’re on Robson and you’re wondering where to get some vegan food, skip HON’s and walk 1/4 of a block further to White Tower – a Greek restaurant that’s been around forever and is open until 3am on weekends. They have some of the most incredible homous I’ve ever tasted, and they serve it with fresh, hot pita, kalamata olives, and cucumber. Other than homous, their vegan offerings are pretty pitiful (there’s a vegetable pasta that’s vegan-friendly and is okay, but not incredible) – but truly – the homous is worth a visit. Especially late at night after you’ve had a bit to drink.

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