Vegan Brunch in Vancouver: Vegan Mischief Saturdays

For more information about Vancouver Vegan Brunch, click here.

vegan mischief saturday brunch at perch - basil sundried tomato tofu scramble with toast potato cakes and organic greens
I know you think I’m biased, but I’ve tried every tofu scramble
in Vancouver and this one is the best. The best.

Anyway, all that said, we would love to see each and every one of our Vancouver readers each and every Saturday for brunch between 10 and 2. I’ll be there, bringing you coffee and lighting up your life with conversation, while my business partner slaves away in the kitchen on your food.

Don’t come on Sunday! Perch isn’t open! But please, please come on Saturday!

vegan mischief saturday brunch at perch - tofu benny with potato cakes and organic greens

Oh yeah – there are two soy-free vegan brunch options as well as three gluten-free vegan brunch options! That is pretty cool, I think.

20 thoughts on “Vegan Brunch in Vancouver: Vegan Mischief Saturdays

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  2. SaraJane

    Oh, man. I’m so excited to hear about this. I haven’t had pancakes in years and years (except for the weirdly shaped ones I make at home). Yum!

  3. malloreigh Post author

    Two soy-free items are also gluten-free, but there is a tofu scramble that’s gluten-free but not soy-free. Obviously!

    Soy-free and gluten-free: pancakes and breakfast stack.

  4. SaraJane

    ooh, blueberry ginger… I’m sold. As if I wasn’t already. I think I’m going to make my boyfriend take me out to brunch this Saturday. Yay for awesome veganness! :)

  5. Roger

    Oh man this sounds good.

    Sorry to be interrogating, but are there nuts in the pancakes or breakfast stack? We’ve got all three allergies (soy, nuts, wheat).

  6. malloreigh Post author

    No worries Roger, I don’t mind the questions. There are no nuts in any of it. There are cashews and almonds at the restaurant though, so there’s a chance of contamination.

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  10. j120jacobs

    Mmmm! the food looks so delicious! Think about coming north to Whitehorse and open a Vegan restaurant here!! We have a Vegetarian Association here. Weather today was +2C. Lots of snow for skiing and snow shoeing. Kayaking in summer and canoeing too. Would love to see you up here! Jane

  11. dsteele

    I really enjoyed the vegan biscuits and gravy on Saturday and my friend enjoyed her tofu benedict. We’ll be back for sure.

  12. SaraJane

    I’m sad to hear that you guys aren’t doing this anymore. :( I was so excited for like two weeks at having awesome vegan brunch options for the weekends ahead.

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