How to make it vegan in the wilderness

I recently went on a bike trip with my brother down the west coast. I was met with a barrage of questions on how I could stay true to my veganism during such a strenuous adventure. Here are a few creative recipes that kept my brother and I energized while on the road.

TVP and Broccoli over Pre-cooked rice

TVP and Broc

This one is practically self explanatory, but the flavour really comes from the way you cook the TVP. If you stock up on TVP and pre-cooked rice or lentils before your trip you will be set as long as you follow this TVP recipe.

What you need:


Pre-cooked rice/lentils

Pre-minced garlic

Veggie bouillon cubes

A small container of oil

Travel spices Like This

Any Veggies and onions you can find on your way. Ryan and I would leave our dinner up to creative fate in this regard. Any green veggies will be perfect!

1 onion

What you do:

Keep in mind this recipe is very vague due to the fact that you never know what veggies you will find. Keep it healthy and full of greens for a more fulfilling experience. As long as you always have TVP, oil, Spice, garlic, and veggie broth bouillon cubes you will be okay!

Chop onion, Sauté garlic and onion in oil. Watch carefully because camp stoves burn things easily.

Put in TVP and appropriate spices. Cumin, salt, pepper. Whatever you feel. OR add a 1/2 package or pre-mixed spices (such as taco seasoning). Mix together and sauté.

Add a cup or so of water and veggie broth cube, boil. Cook until TVP absorbs the water (about 5 minutes).

Add cut veggies and steam until semi-soft – check with a utensil.

Pour veggies and TVP over rice.


For Breakfast

Some kind of energy bar and peanut butter oatmeal

Sounds gross, but this is the best energizer before a long day of riding. Yum!

Stuff you need:

Energy Bar – Clif Bars, Lara Bars, and Luna Bars are vegan and delicious

1 Cup Water

1 Cup Oatmeal (the quick oats)

Peanut Butter (as much as you want)

Serves one.

Make oatmeal. 1 Cup of Water to 1 Cup of oatmeal. Boil water, add oatmeal and remove from heat. When the oatmeal has absorbed the water add some PB and a cut up energy bar of your choice. We liked adding Lara or Clif bars. Coconut, or Cherry almond, chocolate one day and pecan pir the next. It’s up to you.

6 thoughts on “How to make it vegan in the wilderness

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  2. malloreigh

    Dried soy. All you have to do is rehydrate it and it has a texture similar to chicken. You can get it in chunks (our favourite), ground, or slices.

  3. Karen J.

    I am very suspicious of TVP these days. Suspect most of it is GMO, and I have read that TVP is basically hydrolyzed soy protein, and the way it is processed is with hexane–a petroleum-derived solvent that is POISONOUS. So for camping I tend to take things like dried pinto bean flakes, dried black bean flakes, and veggies that I have dried. Have had no trouble being a vegan in the wilderness for the past 38 years!

  4. Kaylie

    That’s what I’m trying to get at Karen! It’s not hard to be Vegan on the road! Thank you for your comment.

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