Vegan Mischief Holiday Recipe ‘Zines

So, as I posted about recently, Kaylie and I made a recipe ‘zine in celebration of the December holidays with some of our favourite (and simplest) vegan recipes. Most of the stuff in the ‘zine hasn’t been posted on the website, usually because we haven’t photographed it. After having harrassed all of our friends to take them as Christmas presents, we still have some left – so if you want one, now’s the time!

If you send your address and $5 via PayPal to me, I will mail you one. The $5 is to cover postage and printing costs, plus a small amount of profit, and I promise that I will spend it only on food- and cooking-related expenses. Just for transparency’s sake. I may be a capitalist at heart but it’s not my fault and at least I am properly ashamed.

If you would like a box of my favourite spice, fenugreek leaves, which is used in many of our recipes, let me know when you order a ‘zine! If you’re outside North America I may have to investigate shipping charges a little further, but the prices listed should cover Canada and US orders.
If you want fenugreek but would prefer to buy your own, check out its entry on our ingredients & tools page.

If you can’t or prefer not to pay by PayPal, contact us. If you want a ‘zine for free or trade, contact us.

Dear Mal & Kaylie, I want your recipe ‘zine!

6 thoughts on “Vegan Mischief Holiday Recipe ‘Zines

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  2. malloreigh Post author

    Oh man, I just found out that shipping EVEN TO CANADA is $6, so I am actually not making ANY money on these! Haha.
    Meike, I just looked it up, and I have no idea why but I’m getting quotes for, at the VERY least, $35 to ship a tiny light package to Germany. Does that make sense to you? It really does not make any sense to me.

  3. Meike

    How many pages does it have? It might pass as “big letter”? Whenever I send sth international I try to stuff it into a big envelope and hope it passes as a heavy letter. *lol* Sometimes it works. But a scanned copy would also be great!

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