Vegan Mischief in the Globe & Mail, Canada’s Only Decent National Paper

We’re in today’s Globe & Mail! How exciting! Read the article online here – or harass my parents for one of the 5 copies of the paper they probably picked up. (Love you, Mom and Dad!)

“I just want to make beautiful food, that non-vegans will enjoy, with a lot of care and love in it,” says Ms. Barfield, who plans to open a proper restaurant after graduating from culinary school.

And she does make beautiful comfort food, all from scratch. Her cheese-flavoured perogies with a lovely caramelized crust, faux-bacon bits and rich dairy-free dill cream would impress even the most old-fashioned Ukrainian. Her Montreal-style smoked seitan sandwich (slow-cooked for 24 hours, then roasted and thinly sliced) is a marvel of creativity. Poutine hash with vegetarian ricotta, wild mushrooms and truffle oil packs more flavour than most versions in town.

If you missed it, “Ms. Barfield” is Kaylie, who will be posting her ricotta recipe shortly. Hol-ee macaroni is it tasty.

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