Vegan Pizza in Vancouver, BC

vegan pizza from the joint
A “personal”-size vegan pizza from The Joint in Victoria, BC

This here is the definitive list of restaurants that offer vegan-friendly pizza in Vancouver, BC. If you know of any more please let us know in the comments.

Local, Independent Restaurants Serving Vegan Pizza in Vancouver

Vegan Pizza House – Kingsway and Victoria – Eat-in, Take-out, Delivery
VPH offers many of those meaty favourites you remember, but made vegan. We tried their “all dress”, which is a ham, pineapple, and mushroom pizza, as well as the “vegetarian special” – your typical olive and veg pizza. The crust was thick and doughy like I remember pizza being like when I was a kid, and they used a lot of Daiya – but it was great. They charge you extra when you order delivery, so if you’re on a budget, visit their location. We ordered 2 large pizzas and it came to almost $40 before tip.

The Perch – Powell and Commercial – Eat-in or Take-out
The Perch offers a variety of gluten-free pizzas with Daiya. They use the same crust as The Wallflower but with more topping options. You can order a small pizza, which is enough for one hungry or two semi-hungry people, for $9, or a gigantic pizza for $21. They also have tofu ricotta if you want a really bulky cheesy pizza.

The Naam – West 4th and MacDonald – Eat-in; Take-out during non-rush times
The Naam makes “pita pizzas” with Daiya. They have a good variety of toppings and they really pile on the cheese. I’ve had some issues with dairy contamination here; they tend to bake them side by side with dairy pizzas so you might get dairy crust on your pizza.

Rebellious Tomato – North Van or Cambie & 16th – Pick-up, Delivery
Rebellious Tomato offers vegan cheese. They also offer a spelt (not gluten-free) crust. Their pizzas are very thin with only a bit of cheese, but delicious.

The Wallflower Modern Diner – Main & 8th – Eat-in or Take-out
The Wallflower has a pizza night every Tuesday where a 3-topping pizza of your choice with Daiya costs $12. The pizza is served on a gluten-free crust.

Not-so-Local Chain Restaurants Serving Vegan Pizza in Vancouver

Hell Pizza – North Vancouver – Eat-in, Take-out, Delivery
Hell is a New Zealand restaurant chain that made its way to Vancouver. They make a vegan pizza with refried beans that’s like a burrito on a pizza and is totally delicious. They’ve also recently added Daiya to their menu!

Raw Pizza

Gorilla Food – Richards St between Pender and Hastings, downtown – Eat-in or take-out
Three varieties of pizza are offered here. This is a lunch-only restaurant, but a great, healthy, vitality-encouraging place to eat lunch if you’re downtown.

Organic Lives – Quebec St and East 2nd Avenue – Eat-in or take-out
The pizza at this raw vegan restaurant is served with caesar salad. Delicious. Not cheap.

Chains for Cheeseless, “Vegan” Pizza in a Pinch

Uncle Fatih’s – Commercial and Broadway, Broadway and MacDonald, or Denman – Pick-up, Delivery
Uncle F’s is super cheap and they put a lot of toppings on their pizzas. They don’t offer vegan cheese but the potato pizza is delicious without cheese, and they’re open late. They’re a Vancouver pizza company with three locations.

Pizza Hut – Multiple locations – Pick-up, Delivery
My little brother worked for Pizza Hut and apparently they train all their employees in vegan sensitivity. If a cheeseless pizza is ordered they will clean their equipment so it doesn’t even touch cheese. Most of their crusts aren’t vegan but I think one of them is. I’ve never gotten very many toppings, though, so it kind of sucks.

Note: Panago Pizza used to offer vegan pepperoni, but Merissa informed me that the pepperoni they use now contains eggs.

Across the Pond

The Joint Pizzeria – Wharf St and Yates St, Victoria, BC – Eat-in, Take-out, and Delivery
In Victoria, you can get vegan pizza at The Joint on Wharf St, right beside where I get my (vegan!) tattoos (Tattoo Zoo). They have a variety of crusts and cheeses – I think they make their vegan cheese themselves. They also make calzones and have many different vegan meats.

Pizza Pi – Douglas St and Johnson St, Victoria, BC
I haven’t been to this place – I’ve just heard about it! Your reviews are welcome!

10 thoughts on “Vegan Pizza in Vancouver, BC

  1. Cassandra

    Around here, middle of nowhere, Panago’s was our only pizza joint. I ordered the garden vegetarian without cheese and it was really good, slathered in every veg they had and they took on an oven roasted flavour without the cheese hiding them from the high pizza oven temps. Very yum. Now we have a independent pizza joint whose pizzas are delicious! (but I’ve developed an allergy to tomatoes??? any suggestions?)

  2. malloreigh Post author

    Thank you, Glenn – you’re right! I haven’t had it… maybe it’s time to bike ride down there for lunch!

    Cassandra, an allergy to tomatoes makes pizza difficult but I’ve seen lots of other sauce options. I don’t know what your local independent has on hand but salad dressings often make excellent pizza sauces. I had one with a vegan caesar dressing as sauce recently and it was super delicious. White sauce is also a hit often – Seattle’s Pizza Pi uses a garlic white sauce that’s to die for.

  3. malloreigh Post author

    In the ‘states you can get Daiya packaged for consumer sale, but in Canada I think our only option is to buy the 5lb $45 wholesale bags from Karmavore. *sigh* If you do come visit Vancouver soon, though, I know where you can buy a smaller quantity. Shh, don’t tell.

  4. Eleanor

    There’s also Rocky Mountain Flatbread Company on I think 1st and Cypress. They do cheeseless vegan in a pinch pizzas – frustrating – but a nice man I spoke to on the phone claims they will make a cheesy vegan pizza, if you *bring your own cheese.* Weird, but I’ll do it.

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