Vegan Restaurant Review: Loving Hut Vancouver

Loving Hut’s Vancouver location opened rather quietly in late spring 2010, to very little fanfare. In fact, I found it impossible to find it or confirm it was there at all for the first few weeks, despite rumours that it was; and then, when I finally found the address and visited, found it was closed at odd hours. Finally, however, I was able to visit and have now been three times – certainly enough to write a review.

Despite sharing a name (and cult philosophy) with a whole slew of restaurants around the world, the Vancouver Loving Hut is very different. From what I can see on their website, most Loving Huts serve vegan Asian food – but the Vancouver restaurant serves only vegan Western food. In fact, most of their dishes are more like veganized pub food than anything else – gyoza, chicken nuggets, yam fries, poutine, pizza, and salads, among a couple other dishes. Their menu is growing slowly, but is still quite limited, and nothing like the one I found online.

loving hut pizza

Having tried all of the vegan pizza in Vancouver, I can say with certainty that Loving Hut’s is probably the best. Their crust is thick and fluffy, and there are a lot of toppings on the pizza. For $4.25, you get two slices, as well as a dipping sauce (this one, the Ocean Love, came with garlic cream sauce). There are four different types of pizza, each sounding fully delicious. There’s not too much Daiya on the pizza – just enough to hold down the toppings.

The pizza is probably Loving Hut’s best dish, however. Everything else is decent, but not really exciting or interesting. Kaylie, who is a pickier foodie than me, has trouble choosing anything off the menu not because of too much choice but because nothing sounds interesting or complex to make.

I think the Vancouver Loving Hut, with its pub-food fare, would do a lot better were it a bit dim and dark, had a television playing sports, and had beer on tap. As it is, it’s a good choice if you work in the area, but not really a place you want to take your friends or a date for a meal.

6 thoughts on “Vegan Restaurant Review: Loving Hut Vancouver

  1. Kirby

    Me again!
    I just ate at Loving Hut yesterday for lunch and I’ve realized I really can’t stand the after taste from that place…I think they use too much garlic or something.

  2. Meike

    Wow…that is some really great looking pizza.

    We have Loving Hut over here too , with the Asian style food, and it is really good. At least as far as I can judge, after having been there only once (it is still a 5 hour drive from where I live).
    And they have a cherry-gateau for on the desert menu which was fantastic. We actually got some more to take home with us. (Which is the other great thing about it, the sell all their food as take-out too).
    (Note to self:Must find friends for “Loving Hut” roadtrip again).

  3. CVM

    LOVE the loving hut pizza. Especially the garlicy after taste that is missing in many restaurant vegan dishes. I have taken many meat eating pals, including my super fussy sister and they all love it too.

    Really nice people seem to work there, despite the cult thing.
    Their gyozas are pretty good…and they just started offering poutine, tho its more like fries with cheese and gravy. not great but so much better than not having them. my 2.0 sense.


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