Vegan Review: Bon Chaz, Vancouver – West Hastings and Homer

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Vegan Sandwich and Carrot Ginger Soup. $6.50 combo. $3.95 for the Sandwich.

Sandwich Contents: Hummus, Tomato, Lettuce, Cucumber, Sprouts, (Avocado).

Kaylie Says:

Upon entry to the bakery I wasn’t surprised in the lack of originality in the decor because it just opened. I was reluctant to order a sandwich from a new restaurant full of smiling new employees that were just learning the ropes, but to my delight the employees knew about their explicitly vegan sandwich. That’s right…. it’s called a vegan sandwich! Not a vegetarian sandwich or veggie sandwich, but vegan sandwich! Wow!

Still my skeptical self didn’t believe that this vegan sandwich would be much better than anything else I’ve had in the area, but hey the price was right.

First to come out was the soup and honestly soup is only good if it’s homemade. Truthfully I can’t make a bad critique about a soup that was pre-packaged and heated up that morning. I knew what I was ordering and I was getting what I paid for. So with that being said, the soup was flavoured with too many crappy herbs and wasn’t that warm, but hey it was good to dip my sandwich into.

The sandwich was much bigger than I expected and was presented nicely.  For $3.95 you can’t beat this sandwich! Yes simple, but the hummus and bread were superb and well combined. The bread was an herb baguette that tasted as it had just come out of the oven.  I could probably eat a whole baguette by myself and feel no remorse for doing so.

Bon Chaz is perfect for a cheap sandwich and a french press. I will more than likely return for not only the sandwich, but the cheap french press coffee and the bread! I can only imagine the entertaining possibilities with the help of that baguette.

Malloreigh says:

I’ve just started attending SFU, whose downtown campus is across the street from Bon Chaz, so I’m pretty excited to have this in the area. For less than $5 I can have a filling and delicious vegan sandwich and I don’t have to fight to make sure I don’t get cheese and mayo on it every single time. Getting a sandwich as a vegan is usually a huge pain in the ass and usually it just involves them taking everything tasty off of their veggie sandwich and then charging you an arm and a leg… so to get such a delicious and big sandwich at Bon Chaz for so cheap was awesome.

The soup was another $2.50 on top of the sandwich – still a pretty good deal. They’ve said that they always have a vegan soup, which is great. Kaylie and I shared a French press, as well, which gave us two decent-sized cups of freshly brewed coffee for $1.75. That’s pretty much cheaper than making my own coffee at home.

The staff was friendly and helpful, and while the decor is lacking, I expect them to fill out as time goes on. The place is huge and they have a bookshelf as well as some board games available for customers to enjoy – we played a game of Scrabble while we ate and drank coffee, and never once felt pressured to clear out. I’ll be back.

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