We Haven’t Been Cooking

Kaylie and I haven’t been cooking as much as usual lately, which is why we’re low on recipe posts… we’ve been going out to eat far too often, 50% because Kaylie now works at a vegan-friendly restaurant where she eats for free and I hang out because I have nothing better to do, and 50% because we’re just too damn busy going out to spend evenings at home. Hopefully this will change with the new semester!

Next weekend we’re planning a trip to Seattle. Let us know of your favourite vegan-friendly Seattle restaurants in the comments, if you can? I’ve been to Pizza Pi so many times already!

One thought on “We Haven’t Been Cooking

  1. dsteele

    Cafe Flora, of course. One of my favorites, though, is the Wayward Cafe on University Avenue. They make a mean vegan biscuits and gravy.

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