Where to Get the Best Vegan Nachos in Vancouver, BC

loving hut nachos
Pictured: Loving Hut nachos

The definitive list of places to get vegan nachos in beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia.

Perch – Powell St at Commercial Drive
Served atop a bed of homous and covered in toppings and Daiya, these nachos are probably my favourite in the city. They’re served with salsa and the homous makes even the last few chips, after you’ve eaten all the cheese, delicious and not worth wasting. This tower of nachos is not cheap, however; it’ll cost you $14 (HST included) for this feast, but it will fill you and two friends up.

The Naam – West Fourth Ave at MacDonald St
The Naam will always be well-attended, but it’s not because their nachos are amazing. First of all, I don’t like the chips – they’re similar to the really cheap, flavourless ones that my thrifty parents always buy. Secondly, these nachos are piled high but not layered, so after you eat the top layer you have a bunch of dry, boring chips. Skip them and order sesame fries with miso gravy for your appetizer instead.

Bandidas Taqueria – Commercial Drive at East 12th Avenue
Also not cheap, but fairly massive, Bandidas were my favourite nachos in town before Perch came along. Bandidas is the only place where you can get three different types of nachos. Their vegan sour cream is delicious, and the savoury crumbled tofu they use on one of their nacho incarnations is great too. It fools omnivores who think it is some sort of ground meat, though we vegans know it’s far, far tastier.
Note: I’ve ordered nachos at Bandidas three times and each time they came out non-vegan before we sent them back and got vegan ones made. I don’t know if they’ve corrected this communication issue because I haven’t gotten nachos there in about a year, but it’s something to watch out for.

Loving Hut – West Broadway just west of Cambie
These nachos, pictured above in size small, have potential – they include the classic vegan nacho flavours of sundried tomatoes and come with a vegan sour cream, guacamole, and salsa. The sour cream is more like a mayo spread – it doesn’t have the lightness of sour cream – and there wasn’t nearly enough guac when I ordered them, nor enough cheese, but they are okay.

4 thoughts on “Where to Get the Best Vegan Nachos in Vancouver, BC

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  2. SaraJane

    I discovered your blog recently from a tweet from BC Liberation. Yay! Damn do I love some vegan nachos, this list rules. I had never even heard of Perch, dang. I can’t wait to go and have some of those awesome-sounding nachos (and get some Daiya to boot!)

  3. katie kitson

    i’ve been fed non vegan things at bandidas numerous times. i’ve had egg in my vegan burrito with vegan sour cream not once or twice, but actually four times. i say the word vegan more than a dozen times every time i order. i like the food there, but have yet to receive consistently good service.

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